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Ok, I got it
yeah yeah yeah dont bug me over loving Edward Cullen ok? I know everyone is tired of everyone talking about the books and the movie and all that stuff but i LOVE Twilight ok? Mostly because the dazzling Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in the movie! He is just so freaking hot how can you not like him? Right? Yes i have read ALL the books like a million and one times and have seen the movie so many times i lost count. Plus my bedroom wall is covered with so many posters i cant even remember my wall color. I admit to being a Twilighter. Yes i have a problem.... lolz.
One day i hope to become the star of the red carpet and the talk of newspaper headlines. But first i need to get discovered. yes its true i want to be an actress. lets face it i can act better than any Miley Cyrus or Reese Whitherspoon out there. :)
Got any comments? Then email me at krazykaren4eva@gmail.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!